Behind every great idea is great motivation. Cadenza Residence is one such example. 

William Shakespeare once posed the question “What is in a name?” Although his original thought was that names prove to be irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, here we will look at every reason why the name Cadenza is so fitting for this masterpiece of investment opportunity in Uganda’s real estate scene.

In classical music, a concerto is a piece of music performed by a soloist accompanied by an orchestra. Within the concerto, there is a portion where the orchestra stops and allows the soloist to perform freely, no rules no regulations, and to show their prowess. To shine alone! That portion of the concerto is what is known as a Cadenza. 

In line with this, the vision for Cadenza Residence was born. To be outstanding, to be special, and to shine alone. There is a lot in this name.


Located on Plot 1 Katonga Road in Nakasero, there was no better option to host Cadenza Residence for real estate investment. From Cadenza, there is easy access to areas all over Kampala through Sezibwa and Katonga Road, which connect to numerous minor and major roads.  The development is near the Parliament of Uganda, and the State House Directorate. The United Nations Offices are also close by making this area a blue-marked zone, a very secure location for real estate.

To further emphasize the prime nature of this location: Nakasero plays host to many embassies which may be an indicator of foreign investor activity in the area. This means a clientele base exists that knows about the importance and lucrative nature of real estate in today’s market. A notable few are the Embassy of Sweden, the South African Embassy, and the High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania. 

There are several hotels such as The Kampala Serena, The Golden Tulip Hotel, and the Fairway Boutique Hotel. In addition to that, there are several shopping centers in the area, recreational facilities, and hospitals which all come together to support a rich and diverse lifestyle for anyone who lives within this area 



At 22 floors, Cadenza Residence will stand alone from the crowd, being the first grand highrise of its kind in this area. There are few real estate residential properties within this area. The exterior of this building has been designed not just to be physically attractive but durable and lasting. The interiors are made to increase utility while maintaining the aesthetics and quality that make Cadenza exceptional.


Cadenza brings you the most state-of-the-art amenities that the Kampala real estate scene has ever seen. The goal is to make Cadenza not just a place you invest in or live in but an experience. Let’s begin: No facet of your life takes a back burner at Cadenza from fitness, business to leisure, you are covered. There is a fully fitted gym with no membership costs and long commutes to the gym. A heated pool that lets you keep fit, across seasons. There is nothing to hold you back from your fitness goals. 

Since the COVID-19 era, there has been a rise in the number of people working from hybrid locations for various reasons. With a 24-hour business area, full backup generators, and internet-ready units you can mix work and play without breaking a sweat from the comfort of your apartment.

Whether you are hosting friends or unwinding by yourself, there is always something to do at Cadenza. A fitted game room, and barbeque area fitted with high-quality grills. There is also a Steam and Sauna, all these facilities for when you want to kick back and relax, because you deserve it. The little ones are not left behind. A fitted children’s play area when they feel active and creative. At Cadenza kids will love being kids. Whether this is just for you or a tenant looking for apartments for rent, there is something for everyone.

Last but not least, your safety and convenience have an extra layer. With 24-hour CCTV surveillance, video intercoms in every house, cable-ready units, and high-speed elevators. The security of your real estate investment is a priority at Cadenza


VAAL Real Estate is a global real estate company with over 20 years of experience in diverse fields of real estate. With success in other countries in Africa, VAAL brings a fresh new perspective to real estate in Kampala. Research and studies go into the careful selection of every development at VAAL to ensure that clients get the very best of their investments.

At VAAL, the dedication goes beyond buying and selling, we make long-lasting partnerships that are built to last, just like all VAAL developments. Knowing where to place your funds and whom to trust with your investment is a crucial success factor. VAAL Real Estate has been distinguished for delivering on time and in the best possible quality to its clients.


In line with creating a living experience, at Cadenza Residence, every neighbor feels part of a vibrant, inclusive community. Cadenza is created to enhance the luxury living experience and a sense of belonging and a welcoming environment for all residents.

Strong rental yield 

With a carefully selected prime location and world-class finishes, Cadenza Residence is committed to providing a superior lifestyle. Cadenza positions itself as a sought-after residence for both living and investment. The finished amenities, letting management, and professionalism all come together to ensure a steady income stream for investors looking to capitalize on the rental market of real estate. If the investment buzz around Nakasero is any indicator, the flow of expats, foreign investors, and locals will ensure a steady stream of tenants for these prime units all year round. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term stays at your unit, Cadenza is positioned to make your investment journey a success.

Cadenza Residence is the culmination of the very many good things that make Uganda the ‘Pearl of Africa’. Style, durability, class, and demand. It is very easy to see why this development stands out, it has the best that everything has to offer. Being the pioneer of such luxury real estate in this Ugandan market, we take pride in not just getting it done but getting it done well, Cadenza Residence is here to make sure you have an investment that allows you to be the moment to shine alone!